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Cycling for Life

Cycling is one of the easiest forms of exercise to fit into daily life. Commuter biking is the perfect way to make physical activity part of your weekly routine and get your suggested amount of daily activity. No extra time and money needs to be spent in gyms and other sport facilities. But let’s see the top 4 benefits of cycling according to experts:

Cycling can keep your heart strong

According to the National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation (US) and King’s College London people who cycle regularly can be 9-10 years “biologically younger” as cycling can help strengthening your cardiovascular system, enabling your heart and lungs to work more efficiently.

It can boost your mood

Cycling is not only healthy but will also make you happier. A 2010 study from the American College of Sports Medicine showed that just one 30-minute physical activity can help you fight depression. Exercising helps you release good endorphins that help counter stress, and can boost your mood.

It can help you lose weight

Any physiologist would tell you that even cycling for 30 minutes can raise your body’s metabolic rate and help you burn calories and fat. Cycling is ideal if you have a extra pounds on as it is easy on your joints and help you build leg muscles.

Helps you sleep

If you struggle falling asleep in the evenings, cycling is your solution. According to Stanford University School of Medicine researchers insomnia sufferers who are cycling 20-30 minutes every other day had been able to reduce the time required to fall asleep by half, so you will not have to count thousands of sheeps to fall asleep anymore.




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